Carlyle Group

Project Highlights

  • Custom build of high traffic web site.
  • Site display in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.
  • Custom display of translated content.
  • Custom responsive design and theming.

Client Goals

Carlyle Group wanted a responsive, clean, searchable web site to display information about their Carlyle Group wanted their Drupal 8 web site available in multiple languages to be accessible to the clients in North America, Europe and Asia. Carlye required that the web site translated in multiple languages and that certain content displayed or hidden depending on the selected language. They also required custom page layout that could be unique to each piece of content on the site.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS).
  • Multiple language translation.
  • Custom Content display based on selected translation.
  • Best practice coding implementations on custom modules.
  • Paragraphs content display
  • Pantheon Web Hosting Environment

How We Helped

Loft Productions worked in partnership with North Studio to assist a development team that upgraded the existing Carlyle Group web site to the Drupal 8 Content management system. Our area of responsiblity centered on implementing a custom solution to display different content based on language translation. This allowed different material to be displayed based on if the visitor was viewing the Japanese, Chinese, or English version of the web site. We also assisted with the creation of the online version of their annual corporate citizenship report.