Past Projects

We specialize in bringing systems together and unifying your cloud application data for easy maintainability, access, and analysis.  The world of Data Migration, SaaS, APIs,  ETL and SQL can be daunting to say the least. It is important to work with a partner that is experienced in bringing together applications and their data.  With synchronized data you can unleash the full power of your data and it creates whole new worlds of reporting and businesss intelligence options. 


Developing information for the web requires a focus on meeting user needs .Whether open source, commercial or custom, Loft Productions has experience with many of the web development platforms in the market creating the best possible user experience while maintaining value.


The Loft Productions approach has always been about making successful software applications for our clients. An effective plan and efficient strategies will help achieve your short and long term goals all while focusing on your audience that will keep you more competitive while producing significant returns on your investment.


Getting your site the best possible position on the major search engines is critical. We can assist with site design and content optimization to improve visibility and bring more targeted prospects and sales than traditional marketing alone.


Great design achieves a balance of form and function. It's more than simply the way the page looks. It's the how the information is built and presented. It's the intuitive flow. It's how your users engage with your web site and interact with its information. A web site can either drive sales traffic, or, in the wrong hands, turn prospects away in mere seconds . Your web site is a direct window into your organization and you need to make a powerful and lasting impression.