Data Integration and Analytics

Bringing it All Together

We specialize in bringing systems together and unifying your cloud application data for easy maintainability, access, and analysis.  The world of Data Migration, SaaS, APIs,  ETL and SQL can be daunting to say the least. It is important to work with a partner that is experienced in bringing together applications and their data. We can get multiple systems and database working together with objects matched,  duplicates removed and formats standardized. 

Sync it Up

We can synchronize your cloud applications as well.  Events or activities from one application can be represented in another. For instance, a closed lead in sales software can create an invoice accounting software.  Information is mapped and processed according to your requirements and can be processed in any time interval from real-time, by the minute, hour or day. 

The Power of Your Data

With merged data, you can unleash the full power of your data and it creates whole new worlds of reporting and businesss intelligence options.  Using a unified source helps maek creating charts and reports more meaningful and accurate, to help you make better decisions and expand your business and profitibility.