Great design achieves a balance of form and function. It's more than simply the way the page looks. It's the how the information is built and presented. It's the intuitive flow. It's how your users engage with your web site and interact with its information. A web site can either drive sales traffic, or, in the wrong hands, turn prospects away in mere seconds . Your web site is a direct window into your organization and you need to make a powerful and lasting impression.

In the most successful web sites, design is the guide that leads and informs the user. Design makes the web site easy to use, more accessible, supports a wider audience appeal and holds visitors longer.  Loft Productions has the skills and experience to develop a web site that is as intuitive as it is beautiful.

Usability and User Experience

Your web site's audience is the focus from the very beginning, and along every step of the project, to be sure they will like and be comfortable with the final design. When people like and can easily use your web site, it's a success.

Graphic and Creative Design

We know how combine design with user-centered considerations such as quick load times, easy navigation and clear assistance to guide users through your web site. Graphically, we integrate your corporate standards into your project to create an experience that promotes your brand in a way that complements your other marketing media.