Golden Shores Condo Association

Project Highlights

  • Easy Updates of both Public and Protected Site Content
  • Searchable Database of Archived Documents and Resources
  • Discussion and Communication areas for associatin sub-committees
  • Units for Sale Listing
  • Email Distribution and List Management
  • Online Member database
  • Google Analytics Integration

Client Goals

The Golden Shores Condo Association wanted the ability for to easily inform their condominium owners of the latest events and activities that affect their beach community. They wanted a password protected area for owners to download documents as well as allows the web committee the ability to update site news and announcements as well as send email notifications themselves. There is also an enhance area for subcommittees to have their own areas for either private or public posting of discussions or materials that are pertinent to their individual activities. They also wanted an easy and cost effective manner to list units that are for sale within the complex, as well as maintain their membership in a centralized and easily accessible contact database.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS)
  • Highly customized Drupal theme
  • Google Gadgets integration
  • CiviCRM customization for Member and Dues Payments tracking
  • Configured Drupal to import existing content from the legacy site
  • WYSIWYG rich-text editor
  • Google Analytics integration

How We Helped

Loft Productions developed the Golden Shores Condo Association web site using the Drupal Content Management System. This allowed for the rapid development, addition and maintenance of the site's content by the Association's web committee, as well as easy maintenance and updating of the site's underlying code. Loft Productions also continues to assist Golden Shores as needed, with custom programming, content assistance, as well technical support and web hosting and maintenance.