Project Highlights

  • Rapid repair of web presence and return to live status.
  • In-depth and site review and audit.
  • Upgrade of security procedures and certificates.
  • Migration of site to Pantheon hosting environment.
  • Rebuild of custom reporting tool.

Client Goals

Whozagood.com had not been as diligent as is required with keeping up to date with software security releases and patches. Unfortunately hackers were able to use and unpatched exploit to compromise their web presence as well as their web server. They needed help with identifying, repairing, and removing compromised content and code from their Drupal web site and web servers.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS).
  • Site Auditing and Testing tools.
  • Mail system analysis and reputation repair.
  • Best practice coding implementations on custom modules.
  • Custom Reporting Tool upgrade and patch of security holes.
  • Restoration of Mail Deliverability from web site using SendGrid API.

How We Helped

Loft Productions worked in partnership with North Studio to lead a development team to investigate, audit, identify, and repair the security problems with the Whozagood.com web site and rapidly bringing the site back online in a repaired and secure state. We assisted in moving their web presence from a "do-it-yourself" hosting system, to a managed solution to resolve security issues on the server site. We also help restore email deliverabilty for emails sent from their web site after their reputation took a hit from a spammer gaining access to their server.