Project Streamline

Project Highlights

  • Easy Updates of both Public and Protected Site Content
  • Searchable Database of Archived Documents and Resources
  • Discussion and Communication areas for groups based on topic of interest.
  • Email Distribution and List Management
  • Integration with Existing Drupal Code base and User Database
  • Google Analytics Integration

Client Goals

Project Streamline is a collaborative effort of grantmaking and grantseeking organizations working to improve grant application and reporting practices. Project Streamline wanted to provide a easy to maintain, yet robust online community for it's members. The Grants Managers Network operates Project Streamline as unique officering for the Grant Making community, but wanted to integrate existing programming code and user database for this particular web site.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS)
  • Highly customized Drupal theme
  • Multi site integration with existing Drupal installation
  • Developed numerous custom modules
  • Configured Drupal to import existing content from the legacy site
  • WYSIWYG rich-text editor
  • Google Analytics integration

How We Helped

Loft Productions developed the Project Streamline web site using multi site integration of their existing Drupal installation of the Grants Managers Network. This allowed more rapid development as well as easier maintenance without duplication of effort. Loft Productions also provides ongoing consultation and programming support for the Grants Managers Network and the Project Streamline web site. We are there to help with custom programming to meet client needs, content assistance, as well technical support and web hosting and maintenance.