Project Highlights

  • Searchable Video Library of Youth Football Games and Highlights
  • Easy Updates of both Public and Protected Site Content
  • Easy Video Upload and Playing for Camera Crew
  • Categorization of Videos by Divisions, Weight Class, and Teams

Client Goals

The Fairfax County Youth Football program wanted to create a video library of their games to provide easy access to both coaches and parent to game film. It wanted the process to be simple to for camera crews to upload their content as well as easy for coaches and parents to see their players in action.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS)
  • Video Compression and Streaming
  • Highly customized Drupal theme
  • Developed numerous custom modules
  • WYSIWYG rich-text editor
  • Google Analytics integration

How We Helped

Loft Productions worked under the direction of the Commissioner of the Reston Seahawks to build out the ideas they had for a video file exchange. We provided technical direction and programming support to get the concept from paper to a functioning live site that they are able to update and maintain themselves as the video was provided.