Medical Registry

Project Highlights

  • Highly Customized Medical Information Repository based on Drupal Content Management System
  • HIPPA Security Compliance
  • Customized Access and Permissions for multiple roles with multiple groups
  • Data Migration and Analyis of thousands of datapoints
  • Custom Validation API using complex cross checks across entities
  • Custom Data API Layer
  • Custom User Interface API

Client Goals

The client (name redacted at client request) wanted to migrate their legacy system to a new system that could better handle the flexible input, validation, and analysis of patient data. This medical registry contains thousands of data points dealing with patient history, medications, and laboratory results that is used for medical research and supporting biostatistics.

Expertise and Technology Used

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS)
  • Highly customized Drupal themes
  • Custom Drupal Module development
  • Complex Data Modeling and Migration
  • Custom Data API
  • Custom UI interface for field locking
  • Custom JQuery Validation API
  • Custom Selenium web browser tests
  • Custom Behat Unit tests

How We Helped

Loft Productions worked in partnership with Drupal Connect to lead a development team for the full software development lifecycle of this project. We implemented customized solutions to acheive accurate entry, validation and analyis of the patient medical information. Our team was very proud to have successfully launched and supported this highly complex and medical repository. We utilized best practices to build on the Drupal framework and create and application that resolved many issues found in Drupal when the implemented data structure gets large.